FULL Google Material Design Gets High Downloads, MAUs, and IN-App Purchases


Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise you have a ROI need to create an android application that not only features the core features you wanted but also re-vitalizes them in a concrete Uesr-Interface way that promotes full use of the android application among your targeted audience.

The Android Expert is not the iOS developer doing it as a side line but an android developer that is earning a reputation as a high level android expert among other android developers and Google Android Team memebers.

Start-Up Prototyping

For when a VC or Angel has the funding but not the mobile expertise to prototype the first edition of the Android App. Rather than having a prototype spec set in stone, work is performed on a prototype time estimate and retainer basis to be as flexible for the start-up as possible.

Project Rescue

Sometimes, an android project will not have the strongest controls on weekly progress, completing smaller parts, debugging, etc that leads to a mess that overwhelms that android developer. My Project Rescue skills may be the answer to unwinding the mess to get forward weekly progress.