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WabahsLineANT is a set of projects to act as the ant build script templates for android application development created by Fred Grott under the Apache License 2.0. The useful ones are: WabashLineANT WabashLineANTTest WabashLineANTAPL WabashLineANTMonkeyRunner Project are structured according to the one folder on project Eclipse workspace approach.


Just mirror the structure you see, note ant task libs and other libs are stored in the application project but we still manage to use them from the other projects.

If you do use the AndroidProjectLibrary(WabashLineANTAPL) you need to mark the Parent Application Project in file as using that library and you must set up the pre-compile target to subant launch the APL compile target from the APL's build.xml file.

The file in the application project( is set up to filter out logging library methods of both MicroLog4android and mylog. If you have your own custom logger class and methods you need to add a filter to file for those methods(consult proguard docs for details).

Although the proguard file is set up to filter out 3 logging libraries the application project is set up to not use the 3rd party ones which means if you want to use them you need to stick them in the libs folder. MicroLog4android also requires a configure file which you can stick in res/raw subdirectory.

MonkeyRunner: I launch monkeyrunner scripts from the shell but get code completion in Eclipse by setting up a jython interpreter and than ad monkeyrunner.jar as a library to that setup.


Thanks goes to Google and OHA for the original ant-rules files included with the SDK along with the many android developers reporting bug corrections on those files.


Fred Grott's site is at: Feedback project pages are on each project page: WabashLineANT Project Issues WabashLineANTTest Project Issues WabashLineANTAPL Project Issues WabashLineANTMonkeyRunner Issues

Left TO DO

Left to do is to add things such as obfuscation of js/css in webview style android application projects and NDK/native support.

Why no JVM Tests or Sikuli

IN Eclipse IDE's the git plugin does not allow linked virtual folders and since robolecric makes full use of such its un-usable with the Eclipse IDE and thus hence it not being used. At this time its more useful to have functional tests that can plug into the instrumental testing and thus hence the use of MonkeyRunner rather than Sikuli.