Hack High Conversions like Gary Vee Vaynerchuk

no-nonsense, no-bs, structured landing-page structured sales copy that highly converts without me saying sh*t or f*ck to get my point across

Your here because...

YOUR site visitors are not becoming CUSTOMERS

Your probably a web dev-implementer of high ROI websites for industries with high ROI. Or, maybe you are implementing low ROI websites and still need that extra high conversions edge.

  • I am a web-geek that got tired of working for bottom-feeder-startups that would not follow my advice.
  • My thought is if I create site themes with high conversions, I can save YOU the web site implementer both time and frustration.
I am not here to sell my ThemeForest themes. Let me instead give you a free landing page sample, this one, and explain why it works so that you use my free stuff improving your clients conversion rates as the theme sales will come once you realize that what you got for free from me is working on your clients sites. What's better than knowing if something works before you put money down on that product?

Example of landing pages..

from everyday life

Recently, someone attempted to get my email on LinkedIn to send me their cv:

Person Nick: I have 4 years in Industry X doing career A, can I send you my cv if you give me yoru email address?

That email was a landing page, what was wrong with it and why did it not convert into a yes I will give my email address to that person? It can be boiled down to:

  • No research into what my problem might be
  • Not offering a solution to my problem in context of what they can do
  • Not Walking me through the steps to the solution

Now, I know that is not how you do cold-calling, you actually research yrou cleint targets and than come up with a persuasive sales pitch to describe their problem and step them through a path to a solution. Their website that you are implementing has to that right on the first(home) page.

What better way to earn your trust than to solve your problem? So let's get your clients some higer conversion rates for their website.

Would you...

like to know what works?

  • Isn't frustrating creating a great site to only hear that the client's business has not picked up as a result of the site make-over?
  • Why should I tell you? Becausee, if you use my free advice and it works you will come back for more.
Just imagine, you finish creating your client's site and a day later they are raving about the increase in sales. It's not your imagination, you will get those results following my advice.

There is one or two books on write sales-copy like Steve Jobs. Those works deal some aspects of sales-copy tone but leave out all the strategy and structure of web sales copy. So onward to why this other stuff is working...

Side Note: When Gary Vee(Vaynerchuk) talks about conversion tweaking being a waste of time, he is referring to non structure changes tweeks as color of heading etc. Whereas I am referring to fixing the underlying sales structure of the landing page. Steve JObs style emoting feeling words are good but they still need a persuasive structured sales copy landing page format as the container.

Why does conversation...


Conversing in conversation English with right-brain feeling words enters our brain under our logical-left-brain radar and implemented right asks us on the right brain-side to accept that phrase or question as a statement of fact. To immplement it you have to structure it so that the little steps lead to the call-to-action final ask for sale.

  • You present a problem in the headline
  • You frame and explain the benefits of the problem being solved
  • You cause your sales-copy reader to imagine and emotionally connect with the solution
  • And at the same time you mix in a little story telling to frame the preceeding message that is before the call to action.
  • And the last part is that you state the ask-for-the sale in a call to action phrase(not always directly implied or asked for).

And, the beauty of this is it even works when you do not have initial customers on which you can cite testimonials as framing of the preceeeding message.

But I Have...

No Customers Yet

Let's do a dire case together someone who has no customers. So we need that first sale.

I am going to tell you how I am getting my first sale. Ready? The foundation of every persuasive effort is two types of messaging:

  • Framing the preceding message
  • Reframing the current message

Framing happens when you take your female best friend into a bar on ladies night because you know her introducing you to that ladies group will allow you get at least one convesion in the form of being able to buy one lady a drink.

Reframing hapens in that covnersation over drinks where I find out what she does for a living and relate that I could never do that hard difficult thing because I am scared of xyz and get the lady to laught at a joke about myself. I am actual reframing myself as an admirer of what she does for a living. Every sale no matter how big or small is at its foundation framing and reframing.

See? It was not that hard to get my first sale in you are immediately using some of my advice. Sales is easier if you break everything down into very small tiny sales leading into the final big sale.

But I Want...

More Customers

The top websites get higher than 11 percent conversion rates. Sites such as:

have it down to a science of a structured presuasive lengthy sales letter filled with customer accolades that serve to introudce every good feature of the poduct in the context to solve the problem.

This is where your hard work in always talking to customers pays-off. You will interview customeers about which feature they liek and why and than develop those testominals into introductory points about your product in your landing page sales copy citing their name.

Can you picture getting higher than 5% conversion rates? Its now time to start dreaming about what you will do with all those new customers, because you will get them.

This is where...

I have to Get Web-Geeky for just a short bit...

I do not like to do cold-calling, but you do. You don't like all the geeky web coding stuff, but I do. Why not have me do all the geek web code so you can get back to what you like to do, that is please your client? High conversions only happen if the web page works in THEIR BROWSER ON THEIR DEVICE and due to standards fragmentation I am better equipped to guarnatee that web pages work on their devices and browsers better than you are.

Unlike native apps, web pages and web apps don't have a magic IDE-toolset where the IDE prevents you from using CSS/HTMl/JS that doesn;t work in the browsers and browser versions being targeted. Let me explain the mess of standards and what process I have come up with to be able to get to an almost-IRON-clad guarnatee that my code will always work in very device and every browser.

Web Standard...

Or is Standards...

You will see many site theme authors state adhering to:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • ES5-Javascript

Its not true in that the actual reality if that the html5 implemented across browsers and browser versions is in fact fragmented into:

  • Parts of HTML4 not changed in HTML5
  • CSS1
  • CSS2
  • Parts of CSS3
  • Parts of CSS4
The take away is that at 10-20 high-end ROI sites per year designed you do not do enoguh sites to spend all your time keeping up with the fragmented HTML5-standard situation across all devices and browsers. But, because I do a lot of site themes and sales I can spread out my investment in keeping track of html5-standard fragmentation among devices and browsers.

My Web Development...

Library Process...

My WEB FUBAR library is a set of html-css-js code and bootstrap ul-element constructs that has been visually tested on every device and browser. VISUALLY Tested, because a lot of coding errrors silently fail without any indication because browers are design to oerate that way.

Hours and months went into the WEB FUBAR Library development so that You the web implementation specialist could gurantee to your end-client that there is No Silent Errors in the site theme robbig them of cusotmer conversions. A Silent Error in a website always decreases conversion rates.

Imagine the confidence in being able to predict an increase in customer conversion does to your web site implementation business. It gives you the opportunity to leverage that to sell other services that you provide resulting in a higher ROI per site theme that you buy.

Free Stuff...

and a disclaimer...

The books on sales and copy writing I have used are(amazon links):
Guerilla Selling
Hierarchy of Needs: A Theory of Human Motivation
The Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells

Now, what I have presented here is Very Powerful if you misuse it it will blow up in your face. I am now going to disclose an example from may past startup experience:

I once did work on a start up project for, oh let's call him Nick, who happen to be in the mergers and Acquitions private brokering business. Nick did some stupid illegal drug stuff as a young adult and got about 5 felonies and one felony was entangled in some money laundering allegations. As you can guess its not something that any owner of a Million-Dollar business that is selling said business would want to deal wtih in a business broker.

Several years pass and same Nick has a faiing startup limping along and has a false story out-there that he did $500Million in business broker deals. I say false because the people I know in that M-and-A business usually do a free-Google search on keywords of person's name and the word felony when meeting people to become self-aware of who they are dealing with at that moment. And quite frankly refuse to enter into business deals with felons. They will not even do a serice contract with Nick's startup because his felony convictions show up in a Google search un-announced by Nick.

The take-away is: Framing and re-framing needs to be under your control. If framing is not in your control because of what someone can find about you in a Google search than your own reframing fails because you never get the chance to apply that reframing. If you have a skeleton in your closet, own that and out your self so that you get control of both the framing and reframing.

Disclaimer: I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for all the idiots that decide to use these tools to lie, cheat, and steal from people. If you do that and it blows up in your face, you got what you deserved!