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Pushing your Brand Up to the Highest Peak
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Who is Fred Grott?

I have been right where you are at right now. You have an idea that needs launched and or brand executed and the website and or app to do it and very little time. Its easier for me to keep up with the changing web-tech landscape as I do it in my sleep. So why not let me do all the hard stuff and heavy lifting AND YOU can take the credit for all the awesome stuff created when you use my web kits.

"I cannot help it, I am a web geek infused with graphical artist ways."

-Fred Grott

The Web Got Complicated

Yeah, we got more web design powers but at the cost of keeping up with every new CSS spec and browser OEM quirks.

My day starts early scanning the web for new CSS tricks and than translating them to something that can be done in a cross-browswer manner.

Unlike the CSS3 or HTML5 title's the specs to follow are not contained in CSS3 or HTML5 spec but spread ou in a mind numbing mess of specs and cavets of which OEM did not implement which little spec detail. But, I thrive on chaasing down those detials and implementing something no one else has done yet that is working cross-browser.

Sure you want all the cool designs, but do you have the time to do all the research? Probably not. That's where I come in as my web kits help you get-a-leg-up and launch your app and or brand without the huge down-time chasing a huge pile of messy web coding.