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Use An Android Advocate To Create Android Apps That Androids Users Salivate For

While most design studios do not excel at Android App development and Android UX Design, I take great pride at concentrating on Android App development and excelling in both app development and design. I regularly beat firms such as Groupon's own android staff on stackoverflow for in depth android design and development expertise(top 15% score at stackoverflow).


Over 70+ backported-Android-UI libraries to guarantee a specific look, feel, and behaviior of an android application across most android OS versions with the award winning Google Material Design.

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The Grott System:
  • Agile with OOP finesse
  • Continuous Incremental Builds and Weekly Milestones
  • Continuous UX Research
  • Continuous Android API Research and UI feature Backporting
  • Reactive-Responsive Apps
  • Android Mobile Device Geek and Social Network Fan
  • Application and Extension of Google Material Design
  • Live by Professional Code of Conduct
  • Product Geek
  • UX Android App Design And Android App Development
  • Android App Prototyping
  • Rescuing At-Risk-Android-Development Projects
  • Android Developer Training
  • Android Technical Talks
  • Android, Embedded Mobile(Upon Special Request)
  • Source Code Security Reviews
Android UX is different from iOS UX as it requires an Android Advocate that is willing to highlight Android's best features in developing the android application. Highlighting such features as integrated social network sharing, homescreen app widgets, etc.

Apple-biased Design shops are still biased miss-applying the Apple miss-applied Flat Design rather than the award winning Google Material Design. You should strive to offer something better for your android application users.

Android Device And OS Version Coverage:
  • Android TV
  • Android VR
  • Android Auto
  • Android Watch
  • Android Phone
  • Android Tablets
  • Android OS versions 4.1.x to 7.x
  • AndroidStudio-IntelliJ
  • TravisCI-Docker
  • GIMP
  • InkScape
  • GitHub's Atom-Editor
  • Libre Office
  • TiddyWiki
Professional Code of Coduct:
It has been my experience that the best levels of code is produced when there is an all-inclusive welcoming environment. I follow the contributor covenant rules of conduct.
  • No use of sexualized language
  • No trolling
  • No Dox-ing
  • No harasment
  • Respect for all creeds, genders, races, sexual oreintations, ethnicity, view-points, and experiences
Studio VS WorkShop:
iOS-Biased Studio

Creates android applications but with an iOS UX bias. Worked when iOS was 60% of US market and VC money was free flowing to complete android apps as an after-thought. With 65% of the US market being Android the BYD business environment somewhat demands that an android app be Android UX friendly and not iOS-biased.

Android-Only WorkShop

I only focus on Android Application UX design and development. The award winning Google(flat design inspired) Material Design is used as it was specifically optimized to reduce human coginituve loads in mobile muted environments. Over 50% of iOS users and WindowsPhone users are choosing Android Devices with the Google Material Design UI as their next mobile device.

App Saturation:

As you may know, Apple does not sell mobile devices that have a SDCard and thus iOS users cannot install applicaions on a SDCard. That becomese important to App Saturation as with 16gig of memory and possibly storing pictures and video one does not have a lot of room to store many apps.


Since Android 5.x user have a feature that allows to installation and operation of apps right on an SDCard. Thus from Android 5.0 onward app saturation does not exist. And many users are taking advantage of this and installing all sorts of apps on their SDCards for their android device.

Signs of A Professional:
  • What Are the Features of Your Android App?
  • What Goals do you have for Your Android App?
  • What Are the Returns that you Expect on this Android App Development Investment?
  • When Do You Need the finished Android App According to Your firm's Goals?